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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to start a business, you need to:

  • Registering a business
  • Apply for business license
MalaysiaBiz Portal helps you by providing local services by providing information and online services for business license registration and application.
  • Company entity;
  • the need to incorporate a company;
  • comparison between business entities; and
  • registration of employers and employees
  • License issuer (Federal, State and Local Authorities);
  • License name;
  • Activity / type of license;
  • The purpose / description of the license;
  • Location of license application;
  • License application conditions;
  • Fees and validity period of the license;
  • Acts and regulations;
  • URL download form;
  • Online service URL; and
  • Business entities eligible to apply.

Types of business licenses that can be applied through this portal are:

  • Permission Under the 1974 Petroleum Development Act (Commercial PDA);
  • Permission to Undertake Activities Under the 1974 Petroleum Development Act (PDA) And Supplies Control Act 1961 (CSA);
  • Permission to Operate Under the Petroleum Development Act (PDA) - Retail;
  • Truth Performing Distribution Trade In Malaysia For The Speciality Store Format Dab Various Other Format;
  • Scheduled Wholesale Items Control License (CSA);
  • Direct Selling License;
  • License Repair And Sell Weight And Measure Tools (ATS);
  • Scheduled Manufacturing Control Licensing License (CSA);
  • License to Sell Weight And Measure Tools (ATS);
  • Scheduled Controlled Goods License (CSA); and
  • Retail Commodity Permit (Individual).

MalaysiaBiz Portal offers services:

  1. application for new business license;
  2. renewal of business license;
  3. amendment of business license;
  4. business license correction; and
  5. reprint business license.
The main step in registering and applying for a business license on the MalaysiaBiz Portal is as follows:
  1. Register;
  2. Search;
  3. Apply;
  4. Track/trace; and
  5. Received approval
Users can register through the 'Register' link found on the homepage of the portal. However, users who only want to get registration of licensing and business information do not need to register as a user portal.
Users can find and reset the password by pressing the 'Forgot Password' button in the 'Log In' field.
The approval period is according to the Client Charter / Act issued by the relevant agency.

All approval alerts will be notified via email.

For review of business registration, it can be checked in MyBusiness. While, to review business licenses, they can be reviewed in MyLicense display.
The successful applicant may print a business license in MyBusiness or MyLicense according to the printing requirements authorized by the relevant agency or deal with the counter of the licensing agency involved.
Yes. Users can get the manual on the Manual link on the portal homepage.
Yes. MalaysiaBiz Portal can be browsed/access via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Any inquiries or complaints may be submitted via the Help Desk access located on the main portal page.

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